Be Aware of Chain Laws, The Snow is Falling

Drivers beware.  As the weather begins to turn bitter and cold, so do the interstate regulations for carrying sufficient chains and chaining up along the winter corridors.  We all know that these laws are in place in order to preserve the safety and consistent flow of traffic for all of the commercial and passenger vehicles travelling throughout the mountains during the Winter season.  As you begin to prepare your trucks, and make your way into the mountains, please be diligent in your efforts, and understanding the laws, and how to be prepared.  The Truckers Report is a fantastic resource for national chain laws and how to learn more about specific state chain-law information.  For drivers passing along the 1-70 corridor, through the great state of Colorado, please check out CDOT’s for a great summary of Colorado chain-law, and a list of all of the chain stations along the highway from exit 133 (Dotsero) all the way to exit 259 (Morrison).
Here are a couple helpful tips to ensure you are driving safe, and delivering goods on time:

  1. Please be prepared with the right equipment.  Before your next trip, perform a pre-trip inspection, load up with the proper chains and accessories, including anti-icing gel and plenty of windshield washer fluid.
  2. Please add sufficient time to your delivery schedule to allow for chaining up, and chaining down along the route.  That way you are not stressed about stopping, and unintentionally put yourself in an expensive/dangerous position.
  3. If you don’t already, please put together an emergency kit, with food, water, blankets, and any other supplies you may need if weather persists.
  4. Know where your chain stations are before you set out.  Weather can strike at any time, without warning, leaving you stranded between stations.
  5. Obey the speed limit, and give our four wheeled friends plenty of room.  Remember, you are the professional, and they get nervous around big trucks.

We at Stevens West want to ensure that everything gets delivered on time and within budget, but most importantly, we want to make sure our Knights of the Highway remain safe. Be careful out there.