Why Hiring Professionals Matter

Hiring the right trucking company for your next shipment starts with a phone call or an email to the team at Stevens West Inc. As professionals, it is our mission to provide the solutions you need by always taking care of both our customers and our drivers. Take a look at the reasons why it’s important to hire our trucking professionals:

  • Dependable – Hiring Stevens West Inc. to deliver your freight means you are always working with dependable drivers. We frequently communicate with our customers, making sure that you know where everything is at all times.
  • Great Customer Service – Our team believes that our greatest asset is our customers and it shows. When you work with us, you will receive personalized services from a team that is always humble in front of you while working efficiently behind the scenes.
  • Hard Workers – Working hard is our duty! We know that your freight needs to arrive at its location as soon as possible, and always remember that your shipments are very important.

Trucking Companies in Denver | StevensWest.comWhen it comes to the top trucking companies in Denver, Stevens West Inc. is amongst the best. We work with a wide array of flatbed trucking professionals who are always working hard to deliver your freight quickly, traveling to locations throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Contact us today to ask about our unparalleled services.

The Hot Shots You Need

Trucking Denver | StevensWest.comMaking sure that your deliveries arrive at their location in a fast and efficient manner is our job! The team at Stevens West Inc. offers a huge variety of freight delivery services, including hot-shot delivery assistance. With help from our flatbed trucking specialists, you can rest assured that your items will arrive at their destination as soon as possible.

When you contact our company for hot-shot trucking services, you can rest assured that we will work hard to make sure that your items arrive at their location as fast as possible. Our standard hot-shot services are available for partial and smaller loads. We usually use 40’gooseneck trailers pulled by 1-ton pickup trucks for these deliveries. These truck and trailer combos can handle many of the same loads that a standard flatbed can, but come in a smaller version.

Whether you are seeking help with your smaller deliveries or are in the market for assistance with oversized freight, you can trust the team at Stevens West Inc. Our business provides trucking in Denver, as well as places all over the continent – including Mexico and Canada. Call us at (888) 606-5599 for more information about how we swiftly take your products from origin to destination today.

Preparing to Ship Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Transport | StevensWest.comBefore you ship heavy equipment, you need to make sure you are ready. Here are some steps you should take before you start the shipping process:

Research Your Equipment – Before you ship a piece of heavy machinery, you need to make sure that you know what steps are necessary before you send it on its way. Spend some time reading the equipment manual or contact the manufacturer to learn more about what you need to properly prepare your equipment before shipment.

Ask about Permits – Some heavy machinery requires permits before you ship it. You should be talking to the shipping company ahead of time, making sure that they know everything they need to know about the equipment, such as the size, brand, and weight. This allows them to prepare everything ahead of time before shipments.

Prepare the Area – From pickup to drop off, you should prepare the area ahead of time. This means clearing the space so that your driver can properly put the piece of machinery on the truck and leaving a clear area that gives them the chance to drop it off with ease.

Put your heavy machinery in the right hands and choose Stevens West Inc. for your heavy equipment transport needs. From flatbed shipping to hot-shot service, our drivers are ready to assist your business.

Being Prepared for Flatbed Trucking Services

Flatbed Trucking |StevensWest.comAre you a shipper seeking high-end flatbed trucking services? The team at Stevens West Inc. is here to help you. Our business features 48’ flatbeds for your needs, including selections with side-kit tarping systems or conastoga tarping systems. We want your shipping service to be as efficient as possible, so we are happy to provide you with the advice you need before you request a quote.

One of the most vital aspects of getting a quote from our business is making sure that you have all of the information ready and on hand before you make the request. Shippers need tape-measured dimensions of the cargo, as well as weight, origin, and destination information. If a driver expects a shipment to take up 12 feet and it takes up more, than you will have to spend more money on your shipment. The same goes for mid-shipment location changes. Additionally, you should make sure that you mention any special requests ahead of time.

Providing as much info as possible to your drivers is important! When you want dependable flatbed trucking services, you can rest assured the team at Stevens West Inc. can provide you with the services you need. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Choosing the Right Machinery Movers

Machinery Movers | StevensWest.comBefore you ship a piece of machinery, you need to make sure that the company you have contacted can handle your items. Here are some things you should know about before choosing machinery movers:

  • Ask About Insurance Coverage – When you hire a shipping company, you need to know if they have the insurance necessary to cover your equipment. Any good shipper will be well covered and will have no problems answering any questions you may have.
  • Inquire About Capacity – Before you sign your name on the dotted line, you need to make sure that they can actually ship the equipment. You should know the dimensions and needs, as well as ask about the different flatbed options the company has available.
  • Where Can They Ship – Can the company your about to hire ship to the requested location with ease? Make sure they know exactly where the machinery is going and when you need it to arrive.

If the company can answer your questions, then it should be a go! When you are in the market for dependable machinery movers, you can rest assured that the team at Stevens West Inc. can help you. Every time you call us, you’ll get a human that answers the phone.  Stevens West – we’re powered by humans!

Why Speaking with a Human is Better

Flatbed and Step-Deck Shipping | StevensWest.comHave you ever called a shipping company, only to discover that you are automatically sent to a recorded messaging service? When you speak to a machine, it’s hard to guarantee that all of your information has been received and even more frustrating if you want to make a special request. When you call Stevens West Inc. for flatbed and step-deck shipping, you always speak with a real person. Here are some of the reasons why speaking with a human is much better:

  • Put Everything Into Motion ASAP – When you have to leave your shipping information on a phone message, you can’t be sure that everything is being done as soon as possible. Speaking to a person means you know that they have your info and are getting to work on it right away.
  • Building a Relationship – Speaking on the phone helps our business build a relationship with your business. When you speak with us, you’ll know that we are taking the time to attend to your needs in an efficient manner.
  • It’s Easier to Avoid Misunderstanding – Have you ever had to try and explain something to a machine? If you have, we are confident that you didn’t have much success. When you speak to one of our team members, you’ll always be able to discuss the details and make sure everyone is on the same page.

Winter fades, Spring is here

As winter finally fades away, we are all gearing up for the warmer, busier months ahead. With spring, we want to send a reminder that Spring storms roll in fast and hit hard.  Please be aware in the Rocky Mountains those afternoon rain showers can sometimes turn to black ice.  Spring is a time for severe weather in most of the country, so please be careful out there.

As summer approaches, we want to remind all our partner carries of the upcoming 72-hour safety blitz during the first full week of June. This article is courtesy of Overdrive:

Fleets and drivers will need to be up to date on cargo securement requirements and regulations in a little over a month when the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts its annual 72-hour International Roadcheck inspection blitz.

Roadcheck will be held June 6-8 across North America. While inspectors will be primarily conducting Level I inspections, they will be keying in on how loads are secured during the event. CVSA has put together a tip sheet for fleets to use to make sure they are aware of the regulations dealing with cargo securement.

Violations related to load securement include failure to prevent shifting and/or loss of load; failure to secure truck equipment such as tarps, dunnage, doors, tailgates, spare tires and more; damaged tie-downs (unacceptable wear on chains or cuts and tears on web straps); insufficient tie-downs; and loose tie-downs.

During 2016’s inspection spree, inspectors placed 21.5 percent of trucks inspected out of service, along with 3.4 percent of drivers, or 9,080 trucks and 1,436 drivers. A total of 62,796 inspections were performed during the event, according to CVSA, and 42,236 of them were Level I inspections, the most comprehensive. Brakes and hours were the top out-of-service violations in 2016.

Ship to Mexico with Ease

Shipping across borders in North America means finding a trustworthy company that will help you ship your items without delay. Stevens West Inc., trusted flatbed trucking specialists, provides flatbed trucking to Mexico that you can depend on. Whether you are shipping large and unusual items or just trying to send machinery, our trucking crew is prepared to work for you.

The difference between our company and others is we provide same-trailer services – which means we do not unload and re-load at the border – to many different hubs throughout Mexico. We work through the South Texas gateways, providing you with services through Laredo or Brownsville/McAllen. Once we enter the area, our team can travel both north and south, shipping to a number of different cities like Monterrey, Queretaro, Mexico City, and Puebla. All you have to do is ask and we will help you! As usual, we will manage all the details of the shipment, allowing you to be more productive.

Contact our business today and discover why people all over the country trust our logistics experts when it comes to shipping to Mexico. With a network of more than 5,000 flatbed trucking companies throughout the United States, we are confident that our team will be able to provide you services that other companies cannot provide.

Make the Move with Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed Trucking | StevensWest.comAre you looking for flatbed shipping services for your organization? From heavy machinery to odd and unusual items, the team at Stevens West Inc. is ready to ship your items in a fast and efficient manner. When a box trailer just won’t work for the items you are shipping, our team is ready to help you.

When you choose our trucking services, you’ll gain access to the right flatbeds for your needs. Our selections include 48’ flatbeds, 48’ and 53’ step-decks, and flatbeds that have side-kit tarping systems or Conestoga tarping systems to protect against the elements. It’s vital that you select the right type of trailer to properly transport your freight. If you have a smaller load, you can also come to us for partial flatbed loads. With partial load services, we will not charge you for the full trailer. Your items are matched with freight that is heading in the same direction.

From full or partial truckloads to oversized or overweight trucking, the staff at Stevens West Inc. is available to assist you. Our shipping specialists work hard for you, providing unparalleled services, making sure that you are aware of your shipment status at all time. Call us at (88) 606-5599 or (800) 736-5315 for more information about our flatbed trucking services.

March is here!

March 1st 2017

What a winter it’s been so far! Record snow in the Sierras, more snow in the Rockies and the NorthEast, bitter cold in the mid-west, tornados in the south, floods, it just keeps on coming!  In Colorado, we’ve seen eveything from record mountain snow in January, to recent 70 degree temperatures along the front range.  But we’re looking ahead!  We’re looking forward to March – the first day of spring is around the corner.  Things will start warming up and drying out!  Before you know it the ground will start to thaw, projects will start, and freight will be moving!  Here’s hoping for a great and prosperous Summer season in 2017!

But, we have to make it through a little more winter. Severe weather is never far away, so let’s be careful out there and have a safe month.

Your friends at Stevens West