Shipping Cross Border to Canada

Lately we have been getting a lot more requests from our customers to ship from the United States up to the different provinces in Canada. We have shipped many partial and full loads up to Ontario and Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Alberta and lately British Columbia. The majority of our carriers love to go to Ontario, but we have a great group of Canadian carriers that are well versed at going to all provinces, and when they get down here to the states they are looking to fill their trailers up going Northbound. We help facilitate these shipments by coordinating our shippers with a US/Canadian Customs agency that best fits their needs, we oversee that the Commercial Invoice, which is critical on these shipments, is well presented from our customer, and we track the shipments from our customers door to the destination.

Running freight to our wonderful neighbors up North is different than running freight in the lower 48 states, but with our assistance we can make the shipments run as smoothly as possible. Please call us or email us if you have any questions, and we’d be happy to shed some light on your next international shipment.

A Look at Our Services – Local Deliveries

Trucking DenverThe team at Stevens West Inc. knows all about shipping throughout the country, but we also assist with local deliveries. Check out some of the benefits of hiring us for local services:

  • Get Your Freight Moved on a Smaller Scale – When you need to send items locally, there often seems like there are fewer options available to you. Why waste time working with a smaller company when you can come to your trusted shipping specialists to assist you?
  • Access to 7,000 Carriers – We may be based in Denver, but our business has connections all over the country that can provide you with local deliveries. Are you located in Texas? We can help. Do you need help with local shipping on the Atlantic Seaboard? Our business is ready to help.
  • Quality Services from a Quality Company – Our team knows that it’s important to know where your shipments are at all times, even when it’s on a local scale. Our team always keeps you informed and is prepared to help you with every shipment you send through us.

Work with our business when you need local deliveries today! We provide trucking in Denver and other cities all over the country, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

A Look at Our Services – Partial Loads

Flatbed and Step-Deck ShippingStevens West Inc., your source for flatbed and step-deck shipping, provides a vast array of services for people throughout the country. One of these services is partial load shipping. Take a look at some of the benefits of this service:

  • Ship Smaller Loads – If you have a smaller shipment and just don’t need to hire a full flatbed truck for your needs, this is the simple answer. By choosing this service, you won’t have to wait until you have more to ship and you can make sure that your items have arrived promptly.
  • Save Money – As you know, hiring a full truck can be expensive. When you choose partial shipping, you won’t have to worry about spending as much money. A truck will come to your location and pick up the items you have to ship and send them out with other items going in the same direction.
  • Work with Professionals – It doesn’t matter if you are sending full or partial loads, you can always rest assured that your items are being sent by professionals who only want to meet and exceed your expectations.

Are you ready to hire us for your shipping needs? Stevens West Inc. provides services to the continental US, as well as throughout Canada and Mexico. Contact us today to request our shipping assistance.

The Uses of Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul TruckingYou’ve got a problem figuring out how to ship your unusually large products? Stevens West Inc. has a solution. You can always depend on this reputable and experienced firm’s heavy haul trucking services. They are known for making complex moves safe and simple, especially during passages that require moving over-sized freight. Trust experience when it matters most and choose a business that makes your move both easy and efficient.

In the last three decades the staff at this shipping business has facilitated the moves of countless customers who need heavy haul trucking. Following are only some of the many items they can easily arrange carrying for you:

  • Machines
  • Tanks
  • Extra Long or Wide Loads
  • Steel Beams
  • Over-Sized Freight
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Airline Parts
  • Heavy Metals
  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Mining Equipment

Trust a company with a successful history of meeting the demands of numerous situations that call for hauling the heaviest loads. You can be completely confident about the safety and delivery of your load with a firm that is known for superior customer service. Contact Stevens West Inc. with questions about your needs for heavy haul trucking. Rely on the expertise of a firm that has made safe, on-time deliveries a hallmark of its business practices.

The Benefits of Partial Flatbed Shipping

Partial Flatbed ShippingMaximize the savings on your lighter loads with the partial flatbed shipping services from Stevens West Inc. If you are flexible in your pickup and delivery dates, tagging onto another service is an effective way to save costs.

Flatbed trucks are efficient, easy-to-load, and sure to get your products where they need to be when they are combined with a load going in the direction you need. In addition, trucks with partial loads encounter less stops at terminals so your freight incurs less handling.

Your need for truckload shipping services is met the same way with partial flatbed shipping services as it is with a traditional load. The fee you are quoted is the fee you pay. The cost is figured on the amount of linear feet you need for your freight. There are no unexpected or hidden fees.

With partial flatbed shipping you only pay for what you use. Depend on the company’s record of efficiency without the need for a “freight class” requirement. Your load is tagged on to another one, which lessens the amount of your shipping rate.

Contact Stevens West Inc. to garner the benefits of the company’s flatbed shipping services. Take advantage of the services from an experienced, reputable company.

Eating Healthy on the Road

Trucking Companies in Denver | StevensWest.comAs a truck driver, you know that the road offers many temptations when it comes to food. Here are some of the ways you can eat healthy while on the road:

  • Stop at Large Truck Stops – Whether you are stopping off at the Iowa-80 or are hitting up South of the Border, there are newer, healthier options at these stops. Additionally, these locations give you a chance to stretch your legs and move around a bit.
  • Plan Your Meals – Once you know where you are going, it is a wise plan to find healthier places to stop while you are on the road. Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A are known for having a plethora of healthy options. Additionally, there are often healthier local establishments that you may not know about ahead of time. Use Yelp and other apps to learn about the local cuisine.
  • Make Meals Ahead of Time – Just because you are on the road, it does not mean that you can’t enjoy a good meal from home! Start making meals for your trip ahead of time and bring only the healthiest options with you.

As one of the top trucking companies in Denver – and the country – we are dedicated to making sure that our drivers are prepared and able to work efficiently. Our business offers local and national delivery services, as well as trucking to Canada and Mexico.

Why Become a Carrier with Us

Partial Flatbed Shipping | StevensWest.comOur business is currently looking for carriers to join our team! Here are some of the benefits of working with our company:

  • Prompt Payments – We understand that receiving prompt payment settlements is very important to ever driver, so we promise that we will pay you for your work as soon as possible. Not only are you paid for the job that you complete, but you’ll also receive payment for any stops, detention, and tarping that occurs while you are driving for us.
  • Managing the Details – Having to deal with details and driver requirements can cause frustrating delays, so our business deals with all of the necessary information you need to get the job done in a fast and efficient manner. Whether you are doing national, regional, or local deliveries, we will assist you.
  • A Recognized Organization – Did you know that our business has been recognized as a “Best Broker” by the National Association of Small Trucking Companies? This organization is dedicated to helping small companies and drivers control cost and make things competitive – and they like the way we do business!

Hit the road as a driver for our organization today! Stevens West Inc. has many freight delivery options available for you, including full and partial flatbed shipping opportunities.

Why Hiring Professionals Matter

Hiring the right trucking company for your next shipment starts with a phone call or an email to the team at Stevens West Inc. As professionals, it is our mission to provide the solutions you need by always taking care of both our customers and our drivers. Take a look at the reasons why it’s important to hire our trucking professionals:

  • Dependable – Hiring Stevens West Inc. to deliver your freight means you are always working with dependable drivers. We frequently communicate with our customers, making sure that you know where everything is at all times.
  • Great Customer Service – Our team believes that our greatest asset is our customers and it shows. When you work with us, you will receive personalized services from a team that is always humble in front of you while working efficiently behind the scenes.
  • Hard Workers – Working hard is our duty! We know that your freight needs to arrive at its location as soon as possible, and always remember that your shipments are very important.

Trucking Companies in Denver | StevensWest.comWhen it comes to the top trucking companies in Denver, Stevens West Inc. is amongst the best. We work with a wide array of flatbed trucking professionals who are always working hard to deliver your freight quickly, traveling to locations throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Contact us today to ask about our unparalleled services.

The Hot Shots You Need

Trucking Denver | StevensWest.comMaking sure that your deliveries arrive at their location in a fast and efficient manner is our job! The team at Stevens West Inc. offers a huge variety of freight delivery services, including hot-shot delivery assistance. With help from our flatbed trucking specialists, you can rest assured that your items will arrive at their destination as soon as possible.

When you contact our company for hot-shot trucking services, you can rest assured that we will work hard to make sure that your items arrive at their location as fast as possible. Our standard hot-shot services are available for partial and smaller loads. We usually use 40’gooseneck trailers pulled by 1-ton pickup trucks for these deliveries. These truck and trailer combos can handle many of the same loads that a standard flatbed can, but come in a smaller version.

Whether you are seeking help with your smaller deliveries or are in the market for assistance with oversized freight, you can trust the team at Stevens West Inc. Our business provides trucking in Denver, as well as places all over the continent – including Mexico and Canada. Call us at (888) 606-5599 for more information about how we swiftly take your products from origin to destination today.

Preparing to Ship Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Transport | StevensWest.comBefore you ship heavy equipment, you need to make sure you are ready. Here are some steps you should take before you start the shipping process:

Research Your Equipment – Before you ship a piece of heavy machinery, you need to make sure that you know what steps are necessary before you send it on its way. Spend some time reading the equipment manual or contact the manufacturer to learn more about what you need to properly prepare your equipment before shipment.

Ask about Permits – Some heavy machinery requires permits before you ship it. You should be talking to the shipping company ahead of time, making sure that they know everything they need to know about the equipment, such as the size, brand, and weight. This allows them to prepare everything ahead of time before shipments.

Prepare the Area – From pickup to drop off, you should prepare the area ahead of time. This means clearing the space so that your driver can properly put the piece of machinery on the truck and leaving a clear area that gives them the chance to drop it off with ease.

Put your heavy machinery in the right hands and choose Stevens West Inc. for your heavy equipment transport needs. From flatbed shipping to hot-shot service, our drivers are ready to assist your business.