Winter fades, Spring is here

As winter finally fades away, we are all gearing up for the warmer, busier months ahead. With spring, we want to send a reminder that Spring storms roll in fast and hit hard.  Please be aware in the Rocky Mountains those afternoon rain showers can sometimes turn to black ice.  Spring is a time for severe weather in most of the country, so please be careful out there.

As summer approaches, we want to remind all our partner carries of the upcoming 72-hour safety blitz during the first full week of June. This article is courtesy of Overdrive:

Fleets and drivers will need to be up to date on cargo securement requirements and regulations in a little over a month when the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts its annual 72-hour International Roadcheck inspection blitz.

Roadcheck will be held June 6-8 across North America. While inspectors will be primarily conducting Level I inspections, they will be keying in on how loads are secured during the event. CVSA has put together a tip sheet for fleets to use to make sure they are aware of the regulations dealing with cargo securement.

Violations related to load securement include failure to prevent shifting and/or loss of load; failure to secure truck equipment such as tarps, dunnage, doors, tailgates, spare tires and more; damaged tie-downs (unacceptable wear on chains or cuts and tears on web straps); insufficient tie-downs; and loose tie-downs.

During 2016’s inspection spree, inspectors placed 21.5 percent of trucks inspected out of service, along with 3.4 percent of drivers, or 9,080 trucks and 1,436 drivers. A total of 62,796 inspections were performed during the event, according to CVSA, and 42,236 of them were Level I inspections, the most comprehensive. Brakes and hours were the top out-of-service violations in 2016.

Ship to Mexico with Ease

Shipping across borders in North America means finding a trustworthy company that will help you ship your items without delay. Stevens West Inc., trusted flatbed trucking specialists, provides flatbed trucking to Mexico that you can depend on. Whether you are shipping large and unusual items or just trying to send machinery, our trucking crew is prepared to work for you.

The difference between our company and others is we provide same-trailer services – which means we do not unload and re-load at the border – to many different hubs throughout Mexico. We work through the South Texas gateways, providing you with services through Laredo or Brownsville/McAllen. Once we enter the area, our team can travel both north and south, shipping to a number of different cities like Monterrey, Queretaro, Mexico City, and Puebla. All you have to do is ask and we will help you! As usual, we will manage all the details of the shipment, allowing you to be more productive.

Contact our business today and discover why people all over the country trust our logistics experts when it comes to shipping to Mexico. With a network of more than 5,000 flatbed trucking companies throughout the United States, we are confident that our team will be able to provide you services that other companies cannot provide.

Make the Move with Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed Trucking | StevensWest.comAre you looking for flatbed shipping services for your organization? From heavy machinery to odd and unusual items, the team at Stevens West Inc. is ready to ship your items in a fast and efficient manner. When a box trailer just won’t work for the items you are shipping, our team is ready to help you.

When you choose our trucking services, you’ll gain access to the right flatbeds for your needs. Our selections include 48’ flatbeds, 48’ and 53’ step-decks, and flatbeds that have side-kit tarping systems or Conestoga tarping systems to protect against the elements. It’s vital that you select the right type of trailer to properly transport your freight. If you have a smaller load, you can also come to us for partial flatbed loads. With partial load services, we will not charge you for the full trailer. Your items are matched with freight that is heading in the same direction.

From full or partial truckloads to oversized or overweight trucking, the staff at Stevens West Inc. is available to assist you. Our shipping specialists work hard for you, providing unparalleled services, making sure that you are aware of your shipment status at all time. Call us at (88) 606-5599 or (800) 736-5315 for more information about our flatbed trucking services.

March is here!

March 1st 2017

What a winter it’s been so far! Record snow in the Sierras, more snow in the Rockies and the NorthEast, bitter cold in the mid-west, tornados in the south, floods, it just keeps on coming!  In Colorado, we’ve seen eveything from record mountain snow in January, to recent 70 degree temperatures along the front range.  But we’re looking ahead!  We’re looking forward to March – the first day of spring is around the corner.  Things will start warming up and drying out!  Before you know it the ground will start to thaw, projects will start, and freight will be moving!  Here’s hoping for a great and prosperous Summer season in 2017!

But, we have to make it through a little more winter. Severe weather is never far away, so let’s be careful out there and have a safe month.

Your friends at Stevens West

Knights of the Highway

Knights of the Highway! That phrase still has deep meaning to us at Stevens West. Our team truly appreciates the hard work our partner drivers put in to deliver our flatbed and step deck freight. In a previous blog from 2 years ago we gave a huge shout out to the Knights of the Highway. Recently I came across a Transport Topics article that gave a great example of three drivers who went above and beyond. We wanted to share it with you, so here it is.
The Truckload Carriers Association has honored three drivers as highway angels.
Jeff Aleman, a professional truck driver for CFI, previously Contract Freighters Inc. and based in Joplin, Missouri, was recognized for pulling another professional truck driver to safety after two tractor-trailers collided.
Greg Moore, a driver for Landstar Transportation Logistics based in Rockford, Illinois, was recognized for pulling a woman from a burning pickup truck.
Taljinder Sohi, a driver for Bison Transport Inc, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, helped a fellow professional truck driver whose tractor-trailer jackknifed in British Columbia
Aleman was parked at a truck stop in Pageland, South Carolina on May 16, when he heard a loud boom. “At first I thought it was an explosion, but I knew something bad had happened” Aleman said.
He got out of his truck and saw that two tractor-trailers had collided while pulling out of the truck stop, so he ran to the scene to help. “I have previous experience as a law enforcement office and was running on instinct,” Aleman stated.
Aleman found one tractor-trailer wedged beneath the other trailer. He went to the cab of the lower truck and crawled in to help the driver out when he saw a diesel tank leaking behind the driver’s head and the engine sitting nearly in the passenger seat. Aleman broke out the back window and pulled the driver to safety.
Moore was driving on Highway 100 just outside of Keystone Heights, Florida, on April 13, when a pickup truck came around a curve ahead of him, left the roadway and crashed into a tree. Moore pulled over and ran to help. He found a woman with a serious arm injury unable to free herself from the truck. “I looked down and saw that her foot was up beneath the brake pedal,” Moore said.
Flames and smoke began coming from underneath the car. Moore pulled one more time, and the woman’s foot finally was freed from the vehicle. He rushed her a safe distance away just as her truck was engulfed in flames. He waited with her until help arrived.
On May 6, Sohi left brake check area and began heading southbound on Highway 5. A few minutes down the highway, he witnessed a tractor-trailer start to lose control while going around a slight corner. The truck swerved into the northbound lane, then wrenched back toward the median and jackknifed.
Sohi pulled his truck over to the shoulder and ran to check on the driver. “I saw that fuel was leaking out of his truck, and I told him to turn the truck off, but he was in shock and didn’t realize what was going on,”Sohi said.
He climbed into the truck and turned it off and helped the driver, as well as the team driver who was in the sleeper berth, out of the truck. Sohi called 911 and stayed at the scene until help arrived.
TCA, which is based in Alexandria, Virginia, presented the drivers with a certificate, patch, a lapel pin and truck decals. Bison Transport, CFI and Landstar Transportation Logistics also received certificates acknowledging the drivers as Highway Angels.

Merry Christmas 2016

Another holiday season is upon us! Moving your freight this time of year can be tricky. Issues like weather conditions during the winter, shippers and receivers working varied hours because of Christmas and New Year, and our drivers well-earned time off with their families, make this a challenge each year. We work hard to try to minimize our customers stress level with regards to their shipping needs.


We at Stevens West work hard the last few weeks of the year to remind our customers to ship as early as possible, to warn our carriers about any loads that may need to take place at the end of the year, and we keep a close eye on the weather and recommend alternate routes if necessary.


When last minute loads come up, we work hard to move them but we also make sure that we are honest with our customers about the ability to find a truck a few days before Christmas. Not everyone wants to hear that it’s difficult, but it’s better to keep everyone in the loop so they can do the same for their customers.


We also want to reflect during this time of the year, how much we appreciate our drivers and the hard work they put it to give the great service to our customers. And we also want to give a big thanks to all of our customers, some we have worked with for 28 years, and let them know how much we appreciate their support in our business and allowing us to be a part of theirs.



Labor Day Weekend!

Labor Day best wishes from the gang at Stevens West.

We at Stevens West really appreciate the efforts our partner carriers and their drivers put in on a daily basis hauling freight all over this great nation of ours. We hope you all get a chance to spend this extended weekend with your families and friends and get a little well deserved down time. Below is a little bit of information from the Department of Labor, on the beginnings and the reason the Labor Day legislation was passed.

Labor Day: What it means

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Labor Day Legislation

Through the years the nation gave increasing emphasis to Labor Day. The first governmental recognition came through municipal ordinances passed during 1885 and 1886. From these, a movement developed to secure state legislation. The first state bill was introduced into the New York legislature, but the first to become law was passed by Oregon on February 21, 1887. During the year four more states — Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York — created the Labor Day holiday by legislative enactment. By the end of the decade Connecticut, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania had followed suit. By 1894, 23 other states had adopted the holiday in honor of workers, and on June 28 of that year, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories.

Here’s to the American workers, have a great Labor Day weekend all!!

Glenwood Canyon Update

To our valued carriers, below is the latest closing of I-70 through Glenwood Canyon, provided by the Colorado Department of Transporation.–


On Tuesday, Mar. 8 there will be a daytime closure from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. of Glenwood Canyon from exit 116 (Glenwood Springs) to exit 133 (Dotsero). Crews are working to complete the rockfall mitigation fencing utilizing a helicopter and continued road repairs. North Detour: North on CO-9 Silverthorne to Kremmling, west on US-40 to Craig. South on CO-13 to I-70 in Rifle. South Detours: Option 1: US 50: Grand Junction to Pueblo (5h35min. 298mi.) Option 2: US-50 at Grand Junction to US-285 at Poncha Springs to CO-470 (5h43min. 311 mi.)

Outside of this closure time I-70 through Glenwood Canyon is open to traffic 24/7. All traffic is using the eastbound lanes. Because of the one lane “head to head” traffic configuration, this is a NO PASSING area through the canyon, and a 10 ft width restriction is enforced. Future closures are likely as rock work and repairs are still ongoing. Delays of 30 minutes to one hour through the canyon are still possible. The following rest areas remain closed: Hanging Lakes, Grizzly Creek, and Shoshone.

I-70 closure and delay through Glenwood Canyon

To our partner carriers who by now may know that I-70 through the Glenwood Canyon portion between mile markers 133 and 111 has been affected by a very large rock slide. It has been closed in both directions for a bit and it’s recently been reopened with heavy travel restrictions. (see below) We at Stevens West are suggestion that our friends in the big rigs, if you don’t need to travel on I-70 for the next little bit, to stay up on Hwy 80 or down on Hwy 40 if your heading to the western US. If you can’t, please make sure you follow the alternate detour route suggested by CDOT and don’t rely on GPS to get you around the rock slide. Some trucks have gotten stuck in real bad winter conditions up on Independence Pass (which is closed for the winter) and other out of the way roads that your GPS may send you on . First they are remote, and secondly NO place for a semi in the summer, not to mention the winter.


Paragraph below is the latest news from the CDOT website as of today 3/2/16. We will keep our ears and eyes on the situation and try to keep you informed through our blog. The link to the CDOT website is :


I-70 through Glenwood Canyon is open to traffic 24/7. All traffic is using the eastbound lanes. Because of the one lane “head to head” traffic configuration, this is a NO PASSING area through the canyon, and a 10 ft width restriction is enforced. Future closures are likely as rock work and repairs are still ongoing. Delays of 30 minutes to one hour through the canyon are still possible. Please note: Cottonwood Pass in Eagle County and Independence Pass are both closed and not available as alternate routes. Frying Pan Road and Hagerman Pass are not recommended alternate routes. Estimated delays: 1+ hour

Stevens West. Powered by Humans.

Technology has created great efficiencies in life and especially in business. With examples ranging from how we interact socially via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram; to major interruptions in business models like Uber, Amazon, EBay, Home Away, and now even Apply pay. These companies and their disciples continue to innovate, and work to disrupt industries, creating amazing business models that make everyone think twice about how we do things.   On the consumer side, Apple has possibly achieved the greatest success in balancing technology and the physical world, by essentially creating the devises that make it easier for us to live and work digitally. But some would question their customer service, and openness to those that haven’t fully devoted their lives to Apple and their world order.

But as society watches in awe at these amazing innovations, and sits back and waits for the next great wave of tech, we mustn’t forget about the power of human interaction. The digital world can only get us so far. We must remember that algorithms are constrained by rules and are only as powerful as the information that is available. And until they can teleport 40,000 lbs of concrete from point A to point B, and computers can skillfully navigate a complex logistical project with ease and grace quicker than a human being with 30+ years of logistics experience, we will always need hard assets, and the experience and expertise of professional people to get them to where they need to go.

The right combination of technology, physical products, and the service supporting these endeavors, still stands to be the biggest challenge of this century. As Stevens West strives and competes to find the perfect balance of technology, physical assets and human capital, you can rest assured that we will always default to having a human pick up the phone, and cognitively help you solve your shipping needs. Not only do we have real humans on the other end of the phone, we have people who care, and want to work hard to ensure your shipment gets delivered on time, and for a reasonable price. And with over 60 years of combined transportation experience and expertise, you can trust us with you logistical needs, no matter the size and scope of the project.

So give us a call, and find out what we can do for you. (And if we can’t find the answer to something, we’ll Google it!)

-Stevens West. Powered by humans.