Thank you to our nationwide drivers!!

Looking around and seeing our perception of normal changing, can make us react to the situation with the Covid 19 virus in many ways. We at Stevens West wanted to react from a position of thankfulness. We are incredibly thankful for the thousands of drivers we have had the privilege of working with on a daily bases since 1986. We have made some internal changes for the health and safety of our employees by having them work remotely when possible , and we realize that while we have the ability to do that, our partner drivers are out there on the front lines delivering the goods that keep our country moving. They must also be able to stay safe and healthy while on the road .

Our partner drivers by the nature of their jobs were practicing social distancing way before it was mandated. And many of them, some by necessity but the majority because this is how they are built , are staying out on the roads making critical local deliveries as well as cross country deliveries so the American consumer can still feed their families, fuel their vehicles, buy items to keep their homes safe and secure and up and running. Again we are very thankful to them .

We also want to urge our state governors, as Chicago based professional driver , Bob Stanton is doing. He urged consideration of a modification of the emergency order for dining rooms to close “to allow sit-down service at truck stop-based restaurants serving current CDL holders actively engaged in interstate commerce,” as we all know a vital part of supply chains in the midst of what we’re going through today. The men and women driving trucks need a safe and healthy place to eat meals and the ability to take showers so they can take care of their personal hygiene while being away from their families.

Thank you Bob Stanton for putting that out there and thank you professional drivers for your commitment .


Hot shots can be a great way to move smaller loads.  They are just smaller versions of a full-size semi-truck with a flatbed trailers.  They have weight capacity up to 20k#, and they are lower to the ground so they can handle taller stuff.  Most of them are 40’ long, and have capability to handle most types of freight.  Some of them even have air ride suspension and full tarps.  But, since they’re smaller than a regular flatbed, and are usually pulled by a dually pick-up truck, or smaller tractor, they can get in and out of tight spaces easier than a full-size truck and trailer.  If you have a tight pick-up or delivery area, or residential delivery, they can be just perfect.   They’re just like mini-flatbeds! 

Sometimes, hot shots can be more expensive than a regular flatbed, because the freight has to be there fast.  Other times, they can be cheaper than a regular trailer since they’re cheaper to operate.  It all depends on the time frame required.  The tighter the time frame, the more expensive things can get.  The trick to moving partial loads on any trailer is that there needs to be some time flexibility with pick-up and delivery dates.  Most times with partial loads, the driver needs more time to pick-up and deliver other pieces to fill out the load.

We get a lot of requests for hotshots for smaller freight, or smaller freight that might be in a hurry.  There’s a lot of interest in those lately, and we can arrange these for our customers .  We have hotshot carriers that go coast to coast as well as regional and local carriers in most markets.   And like always, we verify licensing and insurance on all our carriers before they haul a load.  Give us a call anytime to find out if a hot shot trailer might be right for you.  We can also verify sizes, weight, and time requirements to find out if a hot shot trailer could save you some freight money.   So, next time you have a smaller load to move, consider requesting a hot shot.  

Welcome back, Nathan!

Welcome back, Nathan!

After almost 2 years away from Stevens West, Nathan has returned to us! His career as a lead singer in a metal band didn’t really pan out, then he tried his hand at the pro poker circuit, which quickly turned ugly. So the timing worked out and he’s back, picking right up where he left off and trying not to mess up too bad. Hope you all will have a chance to say ‘welcome back’ to him so he can feel right at home again. Many of our customers and truck lines might not have even realized he was gone, but he’s back a little older and a little wiser.

Spring Into Freight

We here at Stevens West are excited for Spring to finally get here, we have seen an awful lot of snow on our mountain highways , I-70 was closed a lot more this year than in past years for short periods of time due to the amount of snow that fell. The avalanche danger was up and it impacted I-70 by Copper Mountain, and on Vail Pass, and around the town of Frisco Colorado. On the plains of Colorado I-25 , especially up by the Wyoming border, was impacted heavily and I-70 on the Eastern plains close to the Kansas border was closed multiple time due to snow and blowing snow.

We can still receive some substantial snow fall in the month of April so please keep an eye out on CDOT updates, and chain laws are still in effect.

Freight volume has been strong the last four months and we hope it continues so we can provide our partner carriers with partial and full flatbed and step deck loads, to help keep their wheels turning. Our dry van freight has also stayed steady. Please think of us when you are looking for freight to fill your lanes. And let’s Spring into Freight.

Weather update and road closures in the mountains

Good morning fellow travelers and truck drivers, below is a up to date post from the Colorado Dept of Transportation, I wanted to get this out to everyone we know so you can keep an eye on things West of Denver about 60 miles. It’s going to be a mess up there until Thursday night, so make arrangements to avoid sending people up there. Drive safe everyone!!
Emergency Closure
MULTIPLE MOUNTAIN HIGHWAY CLOSURES: I-70 closed both directions over Vail Pass between Vail – Copper Mtn during avalanche cleanup work (All eastbound CMV must stage at Dotsero, Exit 133.) I-70 closed between Copper Mtn – Frisco & Hwy 91 closed from Copper Mtn – Leadville due to safety concerns involving gas leak in Copper Mountain. US 40 Berthoud Pass closed during avalanche mitigation work. US 6 Loveland Pass closed due to adverse conditions.

No estimated reopen time for any highway. Mountain travel in these areas is highly discouraged at this time.
Last Updated: 03/7/2019 6:54 AM
Weather Alert
National Weather Service has issued Winter weather Warnings and Winter weather advisories for most mountain areas today through 5pm Thursday. All mountain areas, including the I-70 Mountain Corridor are expecting heavy snow at times with accumulations 10-24 inches possible. Winds gusting up to 55 MPH. Expect traffic delays, chain and traction laws. Avalanche control work and delays possible at any time on any Colorado mountain roadway without notice.

Introducing Stevens West new team member Reas Madsen

Let’s give our warmest wishes to our new Sales team member Reas. Reas has been in the transportation industry for the majority of his career. Most of his time was spent buying and selling coal, his family also had a business of importing and distributing wine from Argentina, 1 of the first companies in the U.S to do that! He has extensive knowledge of many modes of transportation. We are so lucky to have such a valuable player on our team. If you have any shipping needs or questions don’t hesitate to contact him!
Reas Madsen
[email protected]

Lane closures through Glenwood Canyon on I-70

Because of a rock slide on the westbound lanes of I-70, C-Dot put out this bulletin. I-70 Westbound 2 miles east of Glenwood Springs (Milemarker 120.4-121.8)
Travelers going through Glenwood Canyon will encounter single lane traffic with speed reduced to 40 mph for rockfall clean up. And Chain laws are in effect through the high country snow to continue falling off and on for the next few days. Drive safe!!

Snow & Bitter Cold Prompt Expansion of HOS Suspension

This article and announcement came from Overdrive Magazine Staff Writer: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has expanded its regional emergency declaration from Jan. 18 to now include 22 states ahead of a winter storm expected to impact much of the Eastern U.S. this week.
Truck drivers hauling heating fuels, including propane, natural gas, and heating oil, and other fuel products, including gasoline, into the affected states providing necessary relief will be exempt from hours of service regulations through Feb. 2, or until the end of the emergency, whichever is less.
States included in the declaration are: Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin.
Additionally, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey issued a declaration of emergency Monday afternoon in anticipation of the incoming winter storm, prompting an hours suspension throughout the state for truckers providing direct emergency relief to affected areas.
The Indiana Toll Road issued a travel ban from noon today through noon Tuesday. Prohibited are triple tractor-trailers, long-doubles (high-profile only), high-profile oversize permit loads.
Snow is expected to spread through the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast Monday night and Tuesday, extending as far south as Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Travel conditions are expected to deteriorate throughout the day Tuesday in the affected areas.
In addition to the precipitation, extreme cold is another concern, according to the Weather Channel. By mid-week, cities in the Midwest, such as Minneapolis, Des Moines, Chicago and Milwaukee, could see lows in the minus teens and minus 20s. Sub-zero lows could also extend through the Ohio Valley and into the Northeast by late-week.

Weather warning on I-70 in Colorado

This alert came in at 10am Mountain Time. Please be careful out there. We are expecting the weather to improve early this afternoon and be nice and sunny through Sunday. Westbound I-70 is currently closed between Limon – Agate due to multiple crashes and conditions. No estimated time for reopening but is expected to be a lengthy closure. Westbound US 40/287 is also closed from Kit Carson to Limon during the I-70 closure. Alternate routes: US 24 or US 36. Winter driving conditions should be expected. Please use caution.

Shipping Cross Border to Canada

Lately we have been getting a lot more requests from our customers to ship from the United States up to the different provinces in Canada. We have shipped many partial and full loads up to Ontario and Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Alberta and lately British Columbia. The majority of our carriers love to go to Ontario, but we have a great group of Canadian carriers that are well versed at going to all provinces, and when they get down here to the states they are looking to fill their trailers up going Northbound. We help facilitate these shipments by coordinating our shippers with a US/Canadian Customs agency that best fits their needs, we oversee that the Commercial Invoice, which is critical on these shipments, is well presented from our customer, and we track the shipments from our customers door to the destination.

Running freight to our wonderful neighbors up North is different than running freight in the lower 48 states, but with our assistance we can make the shipments run as smoothly as possible. Please call us or email us if you have any questions, and we’d be happy to shed some light on your next international shipment.