Thank you to our nationwide drivers!!

Looking around and seeing our perception of normal changing, can make us react to the situation with the Covid 19 virus in many ways. We at Stevens West wanted to react from a position of thankfulness. We are incredibly thankful for the thousands of drivers we have had the privilege of working with on a daily bases since 1986. We have made some internal changes for the health and safety of our employees by having them work remotely when possible , and we realize that while we have the ability to do that, our partner drivers are out there on the front lines delivering the goods that keep our country moving. They must also be able to stay safe and healthy while on the road .

Our partner drivers by the nature of their jobs were practicing social distancing way before it was mandated. And many of them, some by necessity but the majority because this is how they are built , are staying out on the roads making critical local deliveries as well as cross country deliveries so the American consumer can still feed their families, fuel their vehicles, buy items to keep their homes safe and secure and up and running. Again we are very thankful to them .

We also want to urge our state governors, as Chicago based professional driver , Bob Stanton is doing. He urged consideration of a modification of the emergency order for dining rooms to close “to allow sit-down service at truck stop-based restaurants serving current CDL holders actively engaged in interstate commerce,” as we all know a vital part of supply chains in the midst of what we’re going through today. The men and women driving trucks need a safe and healthy place to eat meals and the ability to take showers so they can take care of their personal hygiene while being away from their families.

Thank you Bob Stanton for putting that out there and thank you professional drivers for your commitment .